By DJ Monk

Über-approved bubblegum grungers Hands Off Gretel have released a video for ‘Freaks Like Us’, taken from their current album, ‘I Want The World’:

Hands Off Gretel singer Lauren Tate says of the song:

“[It] is an anthem for the outcasts; for those that ever feel misunderstood and alone. I really needed this song on my iPod when I was at school. The video takes me back to getting banned from performing at the school talent show, when I flipped the middle finger to the girls sat whispering and laughing at me in the audience. Writing this song for me was a way of saying ‘just watch me’ embracing who I am and continuing to prove all that doubted me, wrong.”

The band are supporting the release of ‘I Want The World’ with a continuing series of live dates:

Poster for Hands Off Gretel 2019 tour