By Jase Walker

So as part of the whole moving to another country thing and all that, I’ve found myself keeping an ear to the ground to find gigs, festivals, all-dayers, all that lovely stuff… because, well why not?

One of those things that’s come out of the woodwork is this incredibly packed lineup from Pelagic Records celebrating some of the finest in post-rock, post-metal and whatever other left of centre music that happens to be rocking the boat a bit.

Poster for Pelagic Fest 2024

The initial lineup drop for the label’s 15th anniversary bash for me, personally, is nothing short of stunning. Leading with big names such as The Ocean, Ihsahn, And So I Watch You From Afar, which if you happen to have anything to do with the more unusual festival lineups from, say, ArcTanGent, Dunk Fest and Euroblast, you’ll know this lineup is definitely going to be all sorts of bloody weird.

The initial lineup drop is as follows;

The Ocean, Ihsahn, And So I Watch You From Afar, Oh Hiroshima, A Swarm Of The Sun, Thot, Psychonaut, Year Of No Light, LLNN, Arms And Sleepers, Lost In Kiev, EF, Hippotraktor, Briqueville, Årabrot, Karin Park, Spurv, Glassing, Bipolar Architecture, Nyos, Love Sex Machine, Playgrounded, Wuw, and Jeong.

Personal picks for me are The Ocean, Psychonaut, Hippotraktor and LLNN, all of which have absolutely blown my head off over the years at ArcTanGent as well as with their own shows. It’s an absolutely superb lineup and the festival’s new home of Maastricht isn’t going to know what bloody hit it.

  • Pelagic Fest takes place on 24/25 August at the Muziekgieterij, Maastricht.