By Jase Walker

Jera On Air are clearly not done with us yet, there’s still so much more to add and see below because it’s a doozy!

Final poster for Jera On Air 2024.

How do you already have such an incredible stacked lineup and then go and add another thirty eight bands to it!?

The full list of final additions is:

Andy and the Antichrist, Atreyu, Amenra, Bongloard, Brand Of Sacrifice, Burnout Boys, Campus, City Morgue, Dead Before Dishonor, Dead By April, De Rooie Jager, Deez Nuts, Delinquent Habits, Dune Rats, Escape The Fate, George Baker, Jivebomb, Lionheart, Nephylim, No Way, Orgel Joke, P.O. Box, Pressure Pact, Psychonaut, Ronker, Secondhand Saints, Sha La Lees, Talco, Temptations For The Weak, TesseracT, The Broken Horizon, The Chisel, The Locos, The Young Ones, Tusky, Wargasm, Wortelstemp, Zulu.

It’s no secret that I am incredible fan of TesseracT so seeing them so high on the poster is sealing the deal.

  • Jera On Air, which takes place in Ysselsteyn over the weekend of 27-30 June, is aiming for best lineup in Europe right now – and they’ve probably got this one in the bag.