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BOOK REVIEW: ‘London’s Lost Music Venues 2’ by Paul Talling (Damaged Goods Books)

Back in 2020, Damaged Goods Books published the first volume of ‘London’s Lost Music Venues’, London historian Paul Talling’s fascinating journey through time compiling well over a hundred lost London music venues. Being published during the initial lockdown, it was a timely reminder of what music fans had already lost at a time when those venues we still had faced a very uncertain future. Now Talling is back with the second volume, this time focusing primarily on the larger venues that have been lost in the mists of time, whether decades ago or more recently, plus a fair few more smaller venues that didn’t make it into the first volume. 

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‘Grammar Free In the U.K. – The Lockdown Letters’ – D&D Philpott (Self-Published)

Following on from 2015’s ‘Dear Mr. Kershaw: A Pensioner Writes’ and 2018’s ‘Dear Mr. Pop Star’, bonkers compendiums of letters supposedly written by a disgruntled pensioner to various pop and rock stars, berating them for lyrical mishaps or song title inaccuracies, along with their genuine replies, comes a third instalment, ‘Grammar Free In the U.K. – The Lockdown Letters’. This time said disgruntled pensioner Derek Philpott with his son Dave don safety pins and bondage trousers to focus their frustrations purely on punk bands.

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