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Problem Patterns- ‘Good For You, Aren’t You Great?’ (Self-Released)

It’s hard to believe that less than a year has passed since Problem Patterns made their grand entrance onto the Belfast music scene.  In just a few short months, the punk quartet has garnered a fierce reputation as a formidable live act, as well as grabbing the cultural zeitgeist by the lapels in the form of the timely single, ‘Allegedly’.  Expectations have been high for a more extensive release from the band.  Well, worry not folks, for Problem Patterns apparently don’t like to disappoint.

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Rival Sons/Philip McCarroll – Belfast, Limelight 1 – 27 July 2019

It most assuredly was going to be a hot night in the city. Not because the mercury had been soaring to ever higher levels over the past few days, but because Long Beach (via Nashville)’s favourite rock ‘n’ roll (rival) sons were back in ÜR’s hometown for the second of two exclusive (and almost sold out) headline shows on their Irish stopover. Yep, it was gonna be hot, sticky and sweaty – but, hey… that’s just the way we like it, isn’t it?

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New Valley Wolves/Paper Tigers/Wildhound/A 1000 Days Gone – Belfast, Love & Death – 26 July 2019

Tonight’s venue for our latest adventures in rock ‘n’ roll wonderland is something of a curio. It’s a converted three storey Victorian townhouse on one of the city’s main shopping streets, with a pizza parlour on the ground floor and a set of rather forbidding fire doors giving access to a trendy cocktail bar above. The infrequent live shows staged here are held on the topmost level, the positively miniscule stage squeezed between the frankly oversized bar and the DJ booth/sound desk: with the stage also facing the door, and the large dancefloor off to one side, it’s not exactly conducive to creating an atmosphere – but it is guaranteed to be hot and sweaty.

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