By John Bedard

Artwork for The Revenant by Adrian Benegas‘The Revenant’ is hard to pin down exactly what genre it should be classified with. I would say it is a modernized power metal that still holds on to the old school roots while also having a fair bit of symphonic mixed in and maybe a hint blackened. Actually, this reminded me of Kamelot. It is not quite as dark but there is a very similar style both in the vocals and the music. Especially later in the album. However, while there are many similarities, Adrian Benegas does a great job to make sure the sound is still very much his own. This makes for a great experience.

The vocals have some real power behind them! This guy has some range and it is all taken advantage of! We have deep dark soothing lows contrasted with shouted power vocals in a wonderful balance. Then you add in a female operatic vocal into the background to add one more layer to the mix making for some real depth in the music. Their voices also complement each other wonderfully and they use this to great effect both in a pleasing way or, as done in track three, is a rather ominous way. They set the environment extremely well.

The music is a little more in line with what you would expect. There is a double kick peddle drilling into your soul and deeply distorted guitar. It is great but it is not the whole story. There is a massive amount of keyboard work and it is wonderful. There are many tones used and layered on top of each other. From piano to organ to strings like a violin to many other tones. Frankly, I’m not entirely sure the guitar is not also a trick this the keyboard. They all come together to make a very deep experience that is rather difficult not to enjoy.

This album is very well put together and well-paced. It knows when to get heavy and when to slow down. ‘A Change Of Heart’ is soft vocals over a piano and it is worth the price of entry alone. That is followed by ‘Carrier Of The Sunlight’ which really opens things back up to the faster pace from before. This is a must-have album for sure. You will enjoy this. Especially if you are a fan of the piano or keyboard. You owe it to yourself to at least listen to it for yourself.

  • ‘The Revenant’ is released today (Friday 15 November). You can get your copy HERE.

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