By John Bedard

Artwork for Xenogenesis by VolturyonSometimes you don’t need to change the world. Sometimes doing what you do best and doing it really well is exactly what is needed. I’m not going to go off on my usual speech about being super unique or anything like that. It does not apply here really as this is pretty standard for death metal, but it is an excellent example of the genre. No nothing has been redefined, just delivered in an excellent way, and in that ‘Xenogenesis’ does stand out as a great album. Starting with a deep breath and then not letting up for the rest of the experience.

Musically we have what you would expect, a fast and heavy tone that really digs deep. There is a good use of the full range. Some death metal bands get stuck in the lower tones never really reaching up the neck of the guitar and it is a shame. That is not the case here. The tools at the band’s disposal are used to their full extent giving the music a lot of depth to explore. Each time you listen there is more to experience. This in my mind is when music is at its best.

Vocally, we have the same story. There is nothing totally groundbreaking. We have a distorted vocal inline with what we would expect from the genre but also like before we have a wonderful example of that vocal style. There is no lack of power or control in the delivery. There is also a good bit of range shown that, while not as vast as the range we hear in the instrumentation, is very welcome and adds a lot of depth while still staying nicely grounded in the genre.

If you are a fan of death metal then your collection would be lacking without this. Xenogenesis is a solid entry into the genre that really delivers on a great experience. I think you would be hard-pressed to be disappointed. Having said that, if you, or someone you know, are new to death metal and not too sure what you think yet. This might be a bit overwhelming for a start. From the first breath, it is brutal and might be a bit of a rough entry. Although Laphroaig 10 was my first scotch and I love it so a rough entry might be just right for some people. It is a wonderful album that junkies of the genre will absolutely love.

  • ‘Xenogenesis’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.

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