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The Uber Rock Approved stampAs the rays of light at the end of the dark tunnel that has been the past 14 months of isolation and generally being shit upon from great heights grow brighter day by day, the rock ‘n’ roll year that is 2021 has somehow crept, crawled and sneaked closer to its halfway point, with its DMs firmly planted in the mire and muck of the chaos around it, with a healthy slew of new music pinging itself our way, and especially the continuing tsunami of submissions we receive for our coveted ‘Video Of The Week’ award… Yes, as we’ve said on multiple occasions, one constant throughout the vagaries of inconsistent and often hard to stomach lockdowns is the amazing level of adaptive creativity that bands and video directors the length and breadth of the Überverse have continued to show, often in the most adverse of circumstances.

After viewing all of the entries – and, yes, we did watch each and every one of the more than 150 submissions we received this past week alone – at the end of the day (or night, depending on where you are in the Überverse), there could be only one winner… And this week’s champion of champions, fighting off some extremely competition is one of the most batshit crazy clips that has come our way in quite some time. In fact, it’s so fucking mental that it’s almost impossible to put its insanity into words – but, we’ll our best!

‘Long Way Home’ is the first new music from Australian heavy psych fusionists Twelve Foot Ninja in more than four years – not that they’ve been exactly lazing about in that time, but rather they’ve been busy recording, filming and preparing a ridiculously large amount of new music, videos and other weird and wonderful stuff – and they’ve made their fans work equally hard in the run-up to the official release of this “comeback” single, as they had to complete the band’s platformer video game and find 12 mid-Eighties vintage DynaTAC mobile phones strewn throughout the multi-tiered level to unlock the music video. They just might be the only band in history to do so! In the first 48 hours, the game had over 10,000 plays in 76 countries, which is apparently is quite an achievement in the gaming world (although Astrocreep would know more about that me, as the only game I have any clue about is Tetris!)

TFN guitarist Stevic Mackay, who created the video game that accompanied the song, which itself is about the civil war between reality and the internet, told us:

“We tried to create something that harnessed the power of ACDC with a bend of surrealism, like eating a meat pie through your ear. This song is about the ‘real world’ becoming harder and harder to agree on…I’d rather take the path of resistance, the long way home, than acquiesce to relativism.”

If you want to add ‘Long Way Home’ to your personal playlist, you can grab your copy from your provider of choice HERE.

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