Chosen by DJ Astrocreep and DJ Monk

Welcome to our festive edition of the ‘Video Of The Week’ feature, the penultimate one of 2019, with four of the best videos we have received this week.

First up, we have Me And That Man, the side project from Nergal of Behemoth, with the very seasonal ‘Burning Churches’, which comes with an animated video of the tale of a satanic anti-hero, who swears vengeance upon the church in a rather easy to listen to blackened blues number. Featuring a guest appearance by Beastmilk singer Mat McNerney, watch out for the reference to Notre Dame towards the end of the clip:

Our second choice comes in the form of post-metal act The Lumberjack Feedback, with a rather Shamanic themed video for latest single ‘Therapy?’ – quite in keeping for this weekend’s Solstice celebrations! It’s a deliberately low fi, 90s style video with an equal parts heavy and melodic musical backing.

It is indeed ‘A Dark Horizon’ in Mortiis‘ new track, with a very cinematic but also highly bleak video, with a much softer musical accompanyment than may usually attributed to him, almost as if the video came first, such is the perfect backdrop it provides.

And finally, we have a wintery feel on Toundra‘s ‘I. Akt’. It’s a laid back, melodic affair from the instrumental rockers, with their new album ‘Das Cabinet des Dr.Caligari’ written as a soundtrack to a German silent horror film which turns 100 years old next year!