Chosen by DJ Astrocreep

The Uber Rock Approved stampOur Video of the Week award is boarding a 747 and heading first class down under, as our latest winners are Life Pilot, for their track ‘Pretty Like A Pistol’.

A hardcore act, they pack some heavy duty humour and nonsense into their videos to sit alongside some quite enjoyable heavier music, which has tinges of the harder edge of alt-rock at different times through the track!

Life Pilot frontman Angus Long told us:

“‘Pretty Like A Pistol’, as a whole, is about moving on from the life of a 20-something year old into your 30’s and reflecting on what you have or have not achieved. Realising what could arguably be the most important decade of your life is now over and wondering if that time was spent righteously. A mid life crisis come too soon, not soon enough.”

On the surface, the clip is a bunch of nonsensical scenes, with no obvious story line, seemingly leaning more into the absurdity and chaos that Life Pilot is known for, than anything deep or meaningful. But, within the scenes are small commentaries on the band’s own experiences of their youth – for example, spending days inside the world of video games and ignoring the world around us. The band wanted the video to feel surreal and uncomfortable, but still light and whimsical – and absurd enough to make people laugh. It’s a fine line, but Life Pilot manage to pull it off: