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The Uber Rock Approved stampWith the entire world having gone to hell in a handcart since we last opened the Singles Club bar, we’re having to follow the example of almost everyone else and move into the realm of virtual reality – but, then, as the Club has been a virtual community since it’s inception, we guess we’ve been somewhat ahead of the game in that regard… The only downside is that Kevin isn’t here to pour us our JDs and cokes, but the death decks are fully loaded and spinning away, so let’s just pour our own, leave a few quid in the honesty box and crank up the volume, shall we?

In order to bring a little more light to the darkness pervading the world outside our windows, we’re going to do something a little different this week… For a start, we are doubling the amount of songs which we normally bring to you, with a massive playlist that stretches to 32 new and recent, once again covering multiple genres and styles of rock ‘n’ roll, but all designed to keep you entertained for the next few hours and help you, hopefully, discover some new musical delights. We’re also eschewing much of our normal descriptions and pre-ambles, instead just concentrating on bringing you as much music as possible – although, obviously we encourage you to follow the links and give what support you can to the bands that tickle your aural fancy…

Kicking us off this edition we have Russian dark groove metal duo Neorhythm, with ‘Anticipations’, the closing track on their forthcoming concept album, ‘Terrastory’:

Next up we have Greek symphonic metallers Fallen Arise with ‘Reborn’, lifted from their forthcoming album, ‘Enigma’, released via ROAR on 10 April:

We turn the heaviness up a level now with Detroit crossover thrashers Plague Years, who are laying it down on ‘Play The Victim’  a preview of their new album, ‘Circle Of Darkness’, which is due to be released by eOne on 22 May:

We’re back in the Über Kingdom next, with Manchester-based progressive tech metallers Sertraline, who are turning us ‘Inside Out’ with the lead single from their ‘Clouded Minds & Silver Lines’, due for release on 15 May:

A slice of gothic-meets-industrial punk next, thanks to Davey Suicide, who has unleashed a bit of an ‘Animal’ with the second single from his recent ‘Rock Ain’t Dead’ album:

We travel down under now for the second single from Wicked Smile, the new project from Steve Janevski (perhaps better known to regular readers as the guitarist with ÜR faves The Radio Sun). ‘Love’s Got A Hold Of You’ was co-written by another good friend of your ÜR crüe, the one and only Paul Laine:

Another total change in mood now as we travel to Norway and a slice of folk-pop very much in the vein of the recent Myrkur release, but this time from Kari Rueslåtten, who presents us with ‘Sørgekåpe’, the title track of her forthcoming eighth solo album, due for release via Spindelsinn Recordings on 8 May. The title, by the way, is the Norwegian name for the butterfly Mourning Cloak:

We ramp the volume up again with North Carolina riff masters He Is Legend, who have given us a new single which actually advocates something we would not recommend, and that is ‘Burn All Your Records’… well, they’re being tongue in cheek… we hope:

Back ‘Home’ to the Über Kingdom, with the single of the same name from Manchester trio The Slow Day. This one has actually been kicking around a while now, but only came to our attention in the past week or so, and hit a chord with us, with it’s retrospective feel touching a nerve in these troubled times:


When we revived our Extended Play feature last week, one EP we raved about was that from Canadian power metallers Lutharö. Since our review appeared, they have launched another aural assault on the Überverse with new single ‘Barren’, which is anything but that when it comes to delivering quality heaviness:

Back down under again to meet up with rising pop punk crüe PSTCRDS, are advising us ‘Don’t Fake It’, taken from their new EP ‘This Place Or Our Place’, which is due for release in May:

Next up we have Cornish heavyweights King Creature, and their anthemic new offering, ‘Falling Down Again’, which, understandably, has already established itself as a live favourite:

Our next offering comes from Swedish occult rockers Lucifer, who are sharing the tale of the ‘Leather Demon’, the third single to be lifted from their just-released, and ÜR-approved, new album, ‘Lucifer III’:

Next stop Brighton, where we find those three ruffians known as The Rocket Dolls explaining to us all about ‘The Art Of Disconnect’ – a timely title in these times of social distancing and self-isolation:

New York deathcore titans Emmure are inviting us – in a virtual sense, of course – to check in at the ‘Gypsy Disco’, taken from their as yet-untitled eighth album, which is due for release later this year (caution – the video contains flashing imagery):

Continuing the trend of bands who seem, almost by coincidence, to be releasing songs appropriate to the current global crisis, Thousand Thoughts are talking about ‘Stigma’. The song itself is about singer Ethan Smith’s battle with mental health issues but contains a central message of being understanding and supporting one another:

‘Winter Keeps Us Warm’ is the message from Black Orchid Empire on their new sci-fi themed single, taken from their forthcoming new album, ‘Semaphore’, which is due to land (sic) on 12 June via Long Branch Records:

Swedish classic hard rockers Horisont are back with new product, in the form of ‘Pushin’ The Line’, the first taster from their new album, ‘Sudden Death’, which is scheduled for release on 15 May via Century Media:

A slice of punk-infused metal now, in the form of the ‘Juggernaut’ of a new single from American Terror, who feature members of Grayson Manor, Skid Row and Phunk Junkeez in their line-up. The track is taken from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Influencer’, being released via the Dave Ellefson-helmed EMP Label Group on 22 May:

Another switch in sounds, thanks to Texan technical death metallers I Am Destruction, and new track ‘Consequent Forfeiture’, taken from their debut album, ‘Nascency’, due for release on 24 April via Unique Leader:

We keep it heavy next, thanks to Peruvian black/death metallers Two Face Sinner, who present us with a post-apocalyptic vision of a ‘Triumphant Satan’, the first single from their third album, ‘Spiritual Nemesis’, due for release on 24 April through Non Serviam Records:

A total change in direction now, and how about some “modernist electro-acoustic rock?”. Confused? Well, let us introduce you tētēma, the new project from Faith No More/Mr Bungle frontman Mike Patton and the ridiculously prodigious Anthony Pateras. ‘Soliloquy’ is the third single from their forthcoming second collaborative album, ‘Necroscape’, being released on 3 April via Ipecac Recordings:

Another album to catch the ÜR team’s ears recently was last month’s ‘Conquer From Within’ by rising Austrian metalcore mob Sortout. They continue down the virtual promotion trail with the suitably towering second single, ‘Monuments’:

Some high energy NWOCM now in the shape of Buffalo Summer, who are imagining what would be said ‘If Walls Could Speak’, the third single from their new album, ‘Desolation Blue’, which is released this coming Friday (27 March) via Silver Lining Music:

Next we enjoy a touch of ‘Art Punk’ thanks to the single of the same name from The Homeless Gospel Choir, aka Pittsburgh songwriter Derek Zanetti, from his new album, ‘This Land Is Your Landfill’, dropping on 24 April via Hassle Records:

When life gets tough, it’s not unusual to hit ‘The Drink’ – and that’s exactly what seven-piece Manchester folk/jazz-groovers Bethlehem Casuals have done on their new single, the third to be issued in advance of their forthcoming concept album, ‘The Tragedy Of Street Dog’, which is due to be self-released on 17 April:

Now, it’s time to ‘Connect The Dots’ with the latest single from LA electro-punk trio Moaning, taken from their new album, ‘Uneasy Laughter’, just released via Sub Pop:

We head back to England’s south coast now, where we find the ultra-talented alt-punk poetess Suzie Stapleton, who has just issued her new single, ‘Blood On The Windscreen’, from her forthcoming new album, ‘We Are The Plague’:

Selection number 30 comes from Nashville power glunkers Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts, who are telling us that they are ‘Looking For Love, Ready For War’ on the latest preview of their self-titled debut album, scheduled for release later in the year via Better Noise:

We head across the USofA to Kansas, where we find prog-sludge trio Orphans Of Doom, who live up to their name with the heavy as fuck ‘Rust’, taken from their recently released second album, ‘II’:

Our penultimate offering brings us an epic slice of gothic metal all the way from locked down Spain, with Rainover and their six-minute celebration of the majestic ‘Lobo’, the second single from their new album, ‘Nox’, due via Wormholedeath Records on 17 April.

We finish off in fine classic rock style, and a bit of a ‘Strut’, thanks to perennial UR faves Bad Touch and the latest single from their new album, ‘Kiss The Sky’, which is due for release on 19 June via Marshall Records. As with all the dates mentioned in this round-up, this latter may be subject to change – but, in the meantime, we can think of no better way to bring the curtain down on this particular virtual party:

So, there you have it. The most epic edition of the Singles Club EVER. But, we think you’ll agree, music is going to be one thing that steers us through these dark days, and so we hope you have brightened up your Sunday with at least a few tunes that have tickled your aural fancy. If you have come across something you like, please click on the links and support artists in any way you can. Me? Well, I’m away for a well-deserved JD and coke and lie down in a darkened room after working my way through that little lot… Until next time, remember: keep ‘er lit, keep ‘er between the hedges and keep on rockin’ with the website that excites the parts the others can’t reach \m/

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