By DJ Astrocreep

The Uber Rock Approved stampWelcome to our latest Singles Club feature and boy, do we have yet another anthem packed edition for you! Monk is behind the bar, impatient for me to start the music so he can open the doors, while DQ is just arriving back from some R&R, so let’s get straight into some music, shall we?

A nice, slow, melody filled track to start us off with Eddie Tatton challenging us to ‘Rise’. With blues elements, great guitar playing and dreamy melodies, this debut is a great sign of things to come!

Manchester’s Witch Fever are taking some pretty dirty sounding riffage ‘In The Resurrect’ and spewing further some dark themed alt-rock for the ears of those less delicately inclined.

Magpie have released a new version of the Cozy Powell classic ‘Dancing With The Devil’, adding a rather left-field rock approach to the classic blues track, which also features the last ever recording made by the late Bernie Tormé. Although it has been kicking about as a download for some time, it has just been released on vinyl as part of yesterday’s Record Store Day second drop…

Those modern day demon barbers, The Cutthroat Brothers are here again, aiming to make you ‘Shake, Move, Howl, Kill’, with their heavy blues-infused punk sure to make your stabbing hand twitch along to the beat!

Melodic metallers RAGE are back with another riff rampage, as they flaunt the ‘Virginity’ of their upcoming album. A true blast of the best metal around!

A Pale Horse Named Death are back with another gothic metal masterpiece, as they return to the sound of their first album, full of doom and gloom, smashing our eardrums with their ‘Shards Of Glass’

GOAT are here to preach to us about the ‘Queen Of The Underground’ – something we were a fan of here in ÜR even before this bluesy psychedelic fuzz-fuelled effort pervaded our ears through to its deafening crescendo!

Coochilla may not be the first band on the tip of your tongue but that could well change as they present their ‘Tone of the New Day’, as the Finnish five-piece combine some funky groove and psych into their rock n roll to create quite the quirky, catchy number.

It’s time to give the floor to a real Classless Act and their debut single, as they demand you ‘Give It To Me’. It’s a real toe-tapping track that harkens back to the ’80s and ’90s AOR bands such as Little Angels!

Cuffed Up have a sound that harkens back to the’ 90s glory era of alt-rock, with ‘Canaries’ being highly reminiscent of the likes of Sonic Youth or Placebo. Bass-driven, with vocals that don’t quite match Brian Molko’s sneered style but carry every ounce of the impact of delivery nonetheless.

Sabaton are back and loudly proclaiming to all about ‘Kingdom Come’. It’s another hugely anthemic power metal track from the Swedish masters – like you need telling what they bring to the table!

Bringing a slightly more NWoBHM approach musically to their brand of power metal, Brainstorm tell us how ‘Glory Disappears’ – well, there’s little chance of theirs doing so, when they are producing songs of this quality!

Puppy are back and once again mixing highly melodic vocal harmonies into a ’90s alt-rock musical backing in their ode to their ‘Angel’. It builds upon the earlier sterling work the band have created and further enhances their burgeoning reputation.

Cult Revival are living up to their name as ‘YOU’ lurches from pop-punk singalong choruses into a much more post-hardcore take on proceedings around the lighter parts, mixing the sounds into something even more appealing and approachable than the above would suggest.

Young Pretorians do a great job of creating a ‘Desperation Party Scene’ with their highly likeable punk n roll with vocal harmonies, high tempo and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll with punk attitude.

Twiggy Branches are another punk ‘n’ roll act that really caught my ear over the last couple of weeks, as they did ‘The Radiant Twist’ into my earholes on more than one occasion! All the swagger of early The Stooges in their proto-punk infused approach to rock ‘n’ roll!

Veering between the soft and musically manic, Dubliners Bicurious are preaching to why ‘We’re All Totally Fucked’ – something I daresay a number of people within music are fearing. Gentle melodies intertwine between harder post-rock for a rather entrancing introduction to the talented act.

Our penultimate track introduces us to GUHTS, with the New Yorkers creating a quite fear-inducing feel to post-metal in ‘Eyes Open’ – a disturbing, yet rewarding, dissonance!

So, finally to our feature closer and LLNN are definitely the ‘Interloper’ in this list, as the soft intro and outro totally belie the sheer force of musical gravitas contained between them. An angry, resentful force of musical nature, this is uneasy listening for the very discerning.

Well, that’s your lot for latest iteration of the Singles Club. Yet again, we’ve drunk the pumps dry and the optics are running low, so it’s time to neck the dregs and take a break to restock the bar and recharge the batteries before delving headlong back into the rock ‘n’ roll action in two weeks’ time, when Monk will stepping out from behind the bar and back behind the deathdecks to bring you some of the hottest new sounds from around this hoary old rock ‘n’ roll planet… Until then, keep ‘er lit, keep ‘er between the hedges and #StayTheFuckSafe!

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