By DJ Astrocreep

DJ Astrocreep here, back behind the wheels of steel for this latest action-packed edition of our fortnightly Singles Club round up, bringing you the cream of our latest singles submissions to find their way onto the death decks at ÜRHQ…

(NOTE: Some of the following videos may contain flashing images.)

So, let’s start it off with a more chilled vibe, with the iconic Stray Cats and their brand new single, ‘Rock It Off’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘40’. As you’d expected, it’s a piece of classic rockabilly, performed in the Cats’ usual style and the perfect way to ease you all in to this round up!

A crank on the dial now to turn it up to 11, with Michigan-based melodic metal act Of Virtue debuting the video today for latest single ‘Thanks For Nothing’, with an in your face sound that would feel comfortable alongside the likes of Killswitch Engage and similar such icons.

A step back across the pond to Sweden now to take in quintet Liv Sin with ‘Slave To The Machine’, with the melodic metal act featuring the vocals of Liv Jagrell, formerly of Sister Sin. As hard rocking as ever, Liv leads the technically proficient band with her vocals roaring across a musical landscape that Judas Priest themselves might lay down!

Staying in Sweden, we have alt-rockers Port Noir, with new single ‘Flawless’ – a very melodic number that places as much emphasis on bassist/vocalist Love Andersson’s strong vocals, with a mix of electronica, rock and a few other things flung into the mixer!

Back across the Atlantic next, to Canada, where we find minimalist-wave/post-punk act In Mirrors, with chilled out new track ‘Human’ proving that there is still plenty of life left in such acts. Supported by an aesthetically pleasing neon-based video, it’s a nice point to stop and relax a bit before getting your teeth back into the rest of our selection!

Back to the UK now and pop-punkers Dig Lazarus are reminiscent of the classic era Feeder releases with ‘Tell Me Why’. Alt-rock nuances blended with their pop-punk sensibilities in a manner that some may find far too likeable in their melodies.

Seattle’s Tacocat blend a garage bunk track with in their ‘The Joke Of Life’, with vocal harmonies a-plenty and a musical sound that mixes the likes of L7 with some doo-wop – find out more just below!

Back to Blighty with raucous Londoners Harbinger, as they present the title track ‘Compelled To Suffer’ from May’s debut release. A mix of many things heavy, with elements of technical metalcore sitting alongside some bruising hardcore, having refined their sound from their previous EP work.

Venturing down to Aussie shores now, Dregg bring their tongue in cheek look at the state of the world with latest single ‘Hyperbole’, in a manner that seems to evoke memories of Rage Against The Machine past, with both the sentiment and musical style, whlie the spat out lyrics are backed up with an amusing promo video.

German punk outfit Christmas are next up with ‘Sex Sells’, an in your face, old school punk rocker style track that doesn’t let up for a second!

Staying close to the same feel, we have pop-punkers Frankley Everlong with ‘Animatronic’, which veers quite nicely between a more old punk sound and a more modern take on melodic punk.

Time for an act legendary across the world, as Diamond Head roll out new track ‘Death By Design’, from forthcoming new album ‘The Coffin Train’. They have certainly stepped back up to the plate with aplomb, with the metal icons combining melodic vocals with Brian’s signature top level guitar playing.

From one guitar luminary to another, it’s time for Zakk Wylde to step forward with the video for ‘Bored To Tears’, taken from the forthcoming special re-release of ‘Sonic Brew’. I doubt anyone really needs an introduction to a Black Label Society song, so let me mention a couple of words about the video: lollipops, dinosaurs and dancing turtles. Check it out below!

Carrying on the metal vibe of the last couple of tracks, we have the menacing new track ‘Green & Blue’ from The Murder Capital, the latest of Ireland’s finest metal exports. Powerful, melodic and bass driven, it’s a single that will be repeating in my head for the near future.

“Blazing desert metal” pioneers Myrath had a chat with me a few weeks ago about their forthcoming release, with ‘Born To Survive’ being a prime example of just how talented this act is. Fusing melodic metal with elements of prog and native instruments from their African heritage, they are forging a sound that can’t help but win you over.

Moving back a touch heavier for our penultimate selection, Darkthrone are back – and the black metal titans are sounding as good as ever. With this particular track combining a Black Sabbath style musicality with typical rough vocals bellowing out from behind the music for latest track, ‘The Hardship Of The Scots’.

Our final choice for this feature is Pile, with laid back blues-like track ‘Hair’: stripped back melodic rock at its finest – perfect to relax to after our heavy hitting second half of the feature!

That’s it for another packed Singles Club feature – catch you next time, when DJ Monk once again will be serving up the finest offerings from the short form format to have come our way in the intervening period!