By Jonny Bakes

Artwork for The Sign Of An Active Mind by Attic TheoryWhen a band earns the coveted title of ‘Best New Band’ then there’s a very good chance that they are going to be a bit of alright. So, I was excited to catch up with Lew and Pete from Planet Rock’s Best New Band of 2020, Attic Theory, where we chatted about their debut EP, coping with 2020, Tik Tok and more, including

  • The debut EP – ‘The Sign Of An Active Mind’: “We’re very excited about it, it’s been a long time coming”;
  • The band’s formation from the remains of other bands: “It’s like a new relationship… you’ve got to wine and dine them”;
  • Their genre – Alternative Groove Rock: “If it doesn’t groove, we don’t play it and that’s just the way it is”;
  • The Planet Rock The Rocks 2020 Awards: “Most people we knew, knew before us, because in all fairness it was announced quite early in the morning… And we’re not morning people”;
  • Promoting their debut EP during 2020: “We’re a bunch of idiots really…we do loads of silly videos… probably instead of going out and playing live we’re probably just going to double up and be more stupid”;
  • Engaging with their fans and making the most of social media: “You absolutely should follow us on Instagram because we are massive, massive twats… and you’ll see a lot of Matt Simon’s arse!”

Click the little arrow thing to earwig on our full Zoom chat:

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