By John Bedard

Artwork for 'Imperium Romanum' by Metal de FactoI am going to open up right away with a warning. I will be gushing over this album a lot! I absolutely loved this. There is just the right amount of old school and new coming together to create a truly epic album. It also helps that I absolutely have a soft spot for power metal with a military theme, especially if it is historical. I know that is nothing new. Many bands check those boxes, but that does not matter. Even if it is an already known theme, it is great to hear another band doing it so well.

The vocals are great. We have that incredible range that you expect from power metal. All the way from a nice low and aggressive tone complemented by a right up to the rafters high scream that just feels right. Parts of the vocals feel new with some modern rock inspiration but then you also get an ’80s feel that makes me want to bust out the spandex. Before I watched the music video, I did somewhat expect to even see spandex. It is just a very complete package vocally and it is complemented perfectly by the music!

Speaking of the music that dude is playing a keytar!!! I love the keytar! Okay, mild childish freak out aside, the music really is great. They went full old school with epic long solos for everyone in most songs and it is great. This is a trend I am happy seems to be coming back more and more. It makes everything more fun. It is not all old fashion though there is a very modern feel to the music as well. It is the perfect blend of what you would expect today and what you would hear back then. Also, did I mention the keytar? I did? Okay, never mind then. It’s still cool, though!

This is pure fun from start to finish! They have struck a perfect balance between the old school 80s and modern music. It is dead on! You absolutely owe it to yourself to buy this album you will not regret it. It is going down as one of my favorites for sure. I hope they come near me sometime soon because I absolutely need to see these guys live. An album this fun has to be great to live. I’m going to stop gushing now so you can go buy the album instead of reading my ramblings. I’m going to go back to listening to the album on repeat now.

  • ‘Imperium Romanum’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.

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