By Jase Walker

My new “home away from home” festival, ÜK Tech-Fest, has dropped another bunch of bands, ranging from the eclectic to the Manchester home turfers – and my excitement is only getting ever bigger for this! It’s been two long years of absence, but Tech-Fest has weathered the storm, what with managing to get a couple of all-dayers in here and there and numerous online streams.

The latest announcement features the following:

  • Scar Symmetry (ÜK exclusive, Friday headliner)
  • Betraying The Martyrs (ÜK exclusive)
  • PaRtY-CaNnOn
  • Borders
  • Harbinger
  • Seething Akira
  • Confessions Of A Traitor
  • Arcaeon
  • In Fear
  • Sertraline
  • Blind Summit
  • Rosen Bridge
  • Dakesis
  • Blight Town
  • Lost In Lavender Town

For me, getting to see Scar Symmetry finally is a massive plus. I’ve been a fan of them for years and missed every opportunity to see them before, they’re no stranger to Tech-Fest though so they’ll fit right back into the groove.

Seeing friends’ bands on this line-up really gives me some massive joy, so a big shout out to the guys in Harbinger, Arcaeon, Sertraline and Blind Summit – I can’t wait to be jumping around in your crowd again and hanging out afterwards. It’ll be special getting the time in with you all at a festival again!

No doubt I’ll be telling JJ from Borders how much I love his band again while absolutely ruined at some point (sorry about that, it’s true though) and getting to see Lost In Lavender Town (who supported Sertraline at the Bread Shed in Manchester a while back) again… if you like a band that sits somewhere along the lines of “if Rush did the music to Kirby” then seriously, don’t miss these.

On the whole this is a stacked line-up for me. It’ll be a careful balancing act of socialising with people I’ve not seen in a very long time and going wild in the crowds for my favourite bands… just get me there already.

  • Tech-Fest takes place at the Newark Showground over the weekend of 30 June – 4 July. You can get your tickets HERE.

Updated Tech-Fest poster