By John Bedard

Artwork for I Decide by Beneath My SinsSymphonic metal is one of those genres that I think either takes your breath away with every track or it kinda fades into the background. I think it is a very hard genre to make it in because of how demanding it can be. We have all become accustomed to bands like Nightwish where every track is an epic journey both in the lyrics but also in the music ever-changing within each track and powerful operatic vocals. There are many bands that get there but also many that do not. So how does Beneath My Sins stack up?

Starting with the vocals. Emma Elvaston has a truly wonderful operatic voice. It is powerful and demands your attention. Her more traditionally sung vocals are also quite good but I think that they do not stand up to the same level as the power she has with the more operatic vocals. However, the contrast between the two styles and the transitions between them is very nice. Also, at times there is a screamed backup vocal. I am not sure who is actually singing those parts, but they are great. It is a very aggressive tone with a lot of vocal distortion, and it adds a lot to the overall depth of the tracks it is present in.

The music is also what you would expect there are many instruments thrown in beyond just the usual drums, guitar, and base that most genres rely on. Here we also have the violins and other similar instruments that you would expect for Symphonic Metal. It is all very well put together but I did feel that at times the music got a little repetitive. It did not always feel like the epic journey that I am used to with the genre.

At first, I was not totally thrilled with this album. I thought it was too repetitive and I was having a hard time getting past that. However, the more I listened the more it began to grow on me. Sure it is not earth-shattering. It will not be one of those albums that changes your whole view on the genre but it is one that will fit right into your collection. I believe that there will be a lot of people who really enjoy this album. It is worth it to give this one a try. I think you will probably like what you hear.

  • ‘I Decide’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.

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