Video Of The Week – ODDKO 

Written by DJ Astrocreep and DJ Monk
Sunday, 18 November 2018 04:00

Well, there is one way to make a big impression with your first single, and is to go huge from the off, which the one-man project that is ODDKO certainly has done, to great effect! There’s a healthy mix of industrial and alt-rock musically, whilst the video is simply stunning!

Please note: This video has an epilepsy warning at the start, as it may trigger a reaction in some people, so please be aware if this could affect you.



ODDKO is a Los Angeles-based project created Giovanni Bucci, who in addition to being a multi-instrumentalist is also an award-winning visual director, having worked with Korn and Jane’s Addiction as well as on movies such as ‘Star Trek’, ‘RoboCop’ and ‘Pacific Rim’. ODDKO, which was first conceived in 2011, is described by Bucci as “a manifestation of the animal within – the wild beast in all of us – driven by instinct and the longing to break free of society’s cage.”


‘Disobey’ is the first single to be taken from ODDKO’s debut album, ‘Escape The Maze’. While Bucci himself is responsible for all the guitars, bass, electronics, drum programming and lyrics, the album features a number of collaborations, including with Francesco Poli of Fleshgod Apocalypse. In keeping with Bucci’s desire to “make a vibrant new multifaceted work of art”, a new video treatment of the album’s 13 tracks will be released every month for the next year.


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