Our latest Video Of The Week award heads across the pond (feck, these airmail charges are gonna bankrupt us) and over to Nashville, Tennessee, to Jenny Teator for her track ‘Daughter Of The Devil’.

Jenny told us some of the background to the song: “[It] came to be one of those songs where you just feel good jamming out to it and screaming the chorus in your car. I wanted to write a song with a badass vibe,rockin’ guitar parts, and the gang vocal hook to get you singing along. There’s no deep meaning to it, we wanted to create a fictional story of a girl who was raised by the devil (the bad guy) who turned out to be sultry, man teasing, people-pleasing devil blooded woman in disguise. Truth be told though, I really am and will be a daddy’s girl till the day I die.”

It’s a fun little song with a rather soul infused hard rock backing that’s laden with hooks: