Chosen by DJ Monk

This week’s video choice once again takes us back down under, and also winds the clock back to some of the cheesier pop punk anthems that dominated certain music channels back in the day, with Aussie trio Dune Rats proving that they are indeed ‘Crazy’ with their latest offering from their forthcoming second album, ‘Hurry Up And Wait’, which is due to be released via Ratbag Records on 31 January.

The band gave us some insight into the new single:

“‘Crazy’ is one of our heavier songs that we wrote over in LA when we were surrounded by a lot of excess. Everyone is doing anything and everything because it’s available, whether it’s taking drugs, eating shitty food or being surrounded by technology. All this stuff at the end of the day, whilst awesome at the time, doesn’t leave you any better off even if it feels that way in the moment.”

Having played here in the Über Kingdom this past summer, including an appearance at the 2000Trees festival, Dune Rats return to these shores to play Night People in Manchester on Tuesday 3 December and The Garage in London the following night.