Chosen by DJ Astrocreep

It’s DJ Astrocreep back with our latest ‘Video of the Week’ selections, with yet another bumper harvest of submissions! It takes a fair amount of time to shortlist then scour back through to get it down to our last three choices.

Straight on to our first video then and Body Count are back with a vengeance! Ice T and friends have set up another hard rocking, groove laden masterpiece in the form of ‘Bum Rush’, taken from their upcoming new album, ‘Carnivore‘ (due on 6 March, but watch out for Monk’s verdict on it before then) with a video that veers between band footage and in keeping with the content. Ice T himself told us that this is “another fast moving Body Count track continuing my attempt to wake people up” – and we sure ain’t gonna argue with one of the officially coolest mofos on the planet…

In line with the Australian theme in this week’s Singles Club, Tasmania’s A. Swayze & The Ghosts have a punk ‘n’ roll ‘Mess of Me’ with a Groundhog Day-themed video similar to the above, echoing the lyrical content and set to a backdrop of old school garage punk goodness!

Finally for this week, Canada’s Lakeman do things a touch differently, being a sivusal instrumental act and in ‘Powers Creek’, they’ve recreated a local myth, filming the video in situ and live recording the music to it, blending Tool like hypnotics with a prog-esque feel to the songwriting.  The song is based on a local myth from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, where the band is based. As the story goes, an apparition of a middle-aged man who seems to be searching for something or someone has been seen throughout the Powers Creek area. Rumours have circulated that it is the ghost of a local man who died in the area searching for his still-missing daughter. Others believe this is the ghost of William Russell Spears, a fugitive who, in 1965, gunned down an RCMP officer and then hid in the area during a manhunt. William Russell Spears turned the gun on himself before he was apprehended by authorities.