Curated by DJ Astrocreep and DJ Monk

The Uber Rock Approved stampIt’s been a busy year for our revitalized Singles Club, which has helped to prove, once again, that the short form format is still very much alive and relevant as a means of not only promoting new music from existing bands but also discovering new and emerging artists. Over the past 12 months, we have listened to literally hundreds of songs which have been submitted for coveted inclusion in our fortnightly feature, which, to mark the imminent closure of 2019, we have whittled down to our choice of what can loosely be described as “the best of the best”…

First up, the big man from Merseyside picks his selection of the tunes that have tickled his aural synapses over the past 12 months:

Crobot – ‘Low Life’

Puppy – ‘World Stands Still’

Nad Sylvan – ‘The Regal Bastard’

Dead Witches – ‘Fear The Priest’

Drab Majesty – ‘Oxytocin’

The Chats – ‘Pub Feed’

The Blackheart Orchestra – ‘Violet’

Bent Knee – ‘Bone Rage’

Birdeatsbaby – ‘Painkiller’

Now, it’s the turn of ÜR’s chief pack mule, the man who pays the bills, to choose the individual releases that have grabbed his attention and remained embedded in his memory cells…

Ketos – ‘Escape The Chains’

H.E.A.T – ‘One By One’

Ratchet Dolls – ‘Out Of Control’

Bokassa – ‘Mouthbreathers Inc’

Employed To Serve – ‘Eternal Forward Motion’

Jamie Lenman – ‘Killer’

The Dollyrots – ‘I Know How To Party’

So, there you go. Our personal choices of the top singles to have come our way over the course of this dying year. It is, of course, by no means a definitive list, just the ones that have stuck in our mutual braincells long enough to make as far as this penultimate day of 2019… We’ll see y’all again very soon, and in a fresh new year, but in the meantime, we will leave you with our traditional message: keep ‘er lit, keep ‘er between the hedges and keep ‘er rockin’ with the website that kicks the asses can’t even reach \m/