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The Uber Rock Approved stampWelcome to the latest edition of the Über Rock Singles Club. We have managed to keep the Club up-and-running despite the numerous Covidications which we all have had to endure over the past 24 months, in order to bring you the hottest new sounds around. And once again we have another hitlist of superb sonic experiences to tickle your sonic senses, with a selection of my favourite tunes to have found their way on to the ÜRHQ deathdecks over the past couple of weeks… Bearing in mind that, despite the new rock ‘n’ roll year still being slightly less than a month old, we received more than 400 submissions, it was not an easy task to whittle them down to this all-too-short playlist of just a handful musical gems…

Kicking off proceedings this week, we find ourselves in the land of hairspray, tightly fitting leather jeans and glorious melodic metal. We are, of course, talking about Sweden, from where the country’s latest and hottest exports, Dynazty, are telling us that they are all ours with this power ballad which is a classic exemplar of how such songs should be written and delivered… Take it away boys:

We hot foot it back to dear ol’ Blighty for a complete change of mood, as Leicestershire-based electronicore pioneers Cabin Boy Jumped Ship usher us into their world of ‘Ghosts’ with another banging anthem guaranteed to turn dance floors into moshpits – or is it the other way around? I don’t really care, as long as you all have your dancing boots on…

One of the hottest new talents on London’s alternative underground dark pop scene is Kubrick, who is declaring his love for a ‘Mannequin’ with his third single, released ahead of his forthcoming live debut, supporting TheCityIsOurs at Camden’s historic Underworld. Over the course of his releases to date, this youngster hasn’t failed to make a positive impression with his genre-crossing offerings, and this is no exception:

We’re going to ‘Throw It All The Fire’ next, with the latest offering from Manchester alt-goth duo Body Water, which is surprisingly airy and ethereal despite its deep lyrical content, reminding as much of Stevie Nicks or Grace Slick as it does Siouxsie or Kate Bush:

Another change in tempo now, as we head back across the North Sea to engage in a ‘Danse Macabre’, thanks to Norwegian heavy rock “supergroup” Audrey Horne, who are preparing to sound the ‘Devil’s Bell’ with the imminent release of their seventh album, of which this is the second taster to have come our way – and a complete ‘banger it is as well!

Our good friend Malibu Lou has just stepped up to the (Rum) Bar, and as ever he’s brought some seriously good quality rock ‘n’f’n’ roll talent with him, this time in the form of Abbie Barrett and her band, who have teamed up with The Cars legend Greg Hawkes for this raucous title track from her new EP. Nice one Lou… just make sure mine’s a large one, OK dude!

Our next stop on our globe-trotting road trip is the ever-fertile land down under, where we are ‘Starting Over’ with rising psych-pop NKOTBs The Lazy Eyes, who are continuing to draw comparisons to the likes of the Beach Boys with their energetic approach to what they do. You can find out at first hand when they tour the ÜK next month…

Talking of rising stars, there’s none shooting faster than the inimitable Millie Manders, who, along with her Shutups, are currently ripping up stages the length of the Über Kingdom with Florida ska punk legends Less Than Jake. To coincide with the run, she has released a new version of her declarative single ‘Not OK’, which is as feisty and in-your-face as her live performances:

A complete change in tone now, as Spanish progressive groove metallers Ancient Settlers (see what we did there?) share some sacred ‘Cerements’ with us to mark the release this past week of their debut full-length offering, ‘Our Last Eclipse – The Settlers Saga Pt 1’ – the title of which suggests that they already have more material in the pipeline. Well, if it’s as good as this, then we can’t wait to hear it…

Flickertail are one of those bands who have plied their trade by plugging in and playing… well, anywhere they can damn well plug in and play, hitting the stages of virtually pub, club and back alley dive up and down Australia’s east coast – at least until the pandemic put a stop that! Now, they emerge from the enforced lockdown of the past two years stronger and with more swagger than ever, as this latest, recorded-live-in-the-studio, track evinces, as they sure as hell don’t let us down:

A few weeks ago, we celebrated St Paddy’s Day in the company of Hungarian Celtic punks (yes, you read that right!) Paddy And The Rats. Well, now they’re back at, and we don’t need much encouragement to get up on the dancefloor and jig along to this latest taster of their forthcoming new album:

We’re getting into a NWoCR vibe now, and we could be in no better company to do so than with Matt Mitchell And The Coldhearts, who are keeping the momentum going on the Club dancefloor as they urge us to ‘C’mon C’mon’… hey, we don’t need a second invitation to get our groove on to this banger:

We’re keeping in the NWoCR groove but turning the energy level up to maximum, as Liverpool sleazebags Twister prove they ‘Don’t Nice’ with the first taster from their forthcoming second album. They impressed with their debut offering back in November 2020 and look set to continue the momentum, and take things to the next level, with their sophomore effort:

If all that hairspray is a bit overpowering, how about a dose of grungy, psychedelic, stoner-infused garage punk? Yeah! OK, you wish it our command as we welcome Dez Dare back to the club, as he takes us back to the heady days of ‘’:

We’re into our last few selections, and we’re keeping things punk, albeit of a more hardcore mien, as Canadian heavyweights Cancer Bats, who are about to stage a ‘Psychic Jailbreak’ with their latest album, for which this serves as the latest cerebrally conscious appetizer:

A bit more stylistic fusing with our penultimate offering, which sees Coma Hole blending doom, stoner and grunge grooves into a kick-ass heavy drum and bass amalgam. ‘Wind & Bone’ is the latest sample to tickle our aural tastebuds in advance of their forthcoming debut EP:

Our final tune for this session sees ushered into the company of some Gentlemen Rogues, who offer us a taste of Manchester via the Midwest with their bombastic blend of Britpop and American alt-punk ethics:

Well, that’s your fill for another session. Once again, you’ve drunk the pumps and the optics dry and exhausted our playlist… We’ll be back in two weeks’ time, fully reloaded and restocked and ready to once again bring you the best rawk ‘n’f’n roll in the Überverse. So, in the meantime all that remains for me to say is keep ‘er lit, keep ‘er between the hedges and keep on rockin’ with your favourite website \m/

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