Chosen by DJ Astrocreep

It’s DJ Astrocreep back at the wheels of steel for this edition of the Über Rock Singles Club and we have another jam packed edition for you here! With just shy of 200 submissions towards it once again, here’s my personal highlights across the Über Rock ‘n’ Roll spectrum…

First up is Room 1985 with new track ‘Sorry’. The Nottingham synth-prog act have an absolute doozy here, with a melodic post-rock feel coming through on top of the usual synth-prog they have released before:

While She Sleeps shouldn’t be a new act to a lot of our readers, with the melodic metalcore act having quite the prog metal approach at times to their music. New single ‘I’ve Seen It All’ features their usual high standard of clean and rough vocals, with the high standard of musicanship that has become their trademark.

A bit heavier now with Natal Cleft, a technical death metal act hailing from the Philippines. ‘Asbestos Flagon’ is a pretty brutal effort, maintaining the strong back catalogue they have built up across the years.

Mudhoney are another band that should not be new to any of our readers, having been among the inspirations for Nirvana amongst many other seminal acts. The alt-punkers have released many a fine track over the years and look like they’re continuing that trend with ‘One Bad Actor’, taken from their forthcoming EP. Yet another slice of fuzzy punk wonderfulness!

While we are on punk icons, who better than Iggy Pop to follow up with, with new track ‘James Bond’! While at first I was a bit unsure, I found it to be a very quick grower on me, being a bit removed from a lot of his earlier work, invoking a more nuanced approach to his music with this latest song.

Portugal’s Twin Seeds have new single ‘Parallel Knight’ out from a forthcoming EP, featuring an instrumental approach to melodic metal. The highly skilled musicanship from the trio is a features twin guitars and a drumemr, combining to form a true sonic attack on your senses!

Melodic metalcore powerhouse annisokay are up next with ‘Good Stories’, taken from their new album ‘Arms’. All the power you would expect from such an act with a good combination of clean and rough vocals combining with some able musicanship.

Now for the latest offering from Tarja, with new single ‘Tears In Rain’. All the melody and vocal ability that Tarja is already renowned for, with a more metal musical backing than we would normally expect from her, certainly in her solo career, taken from her heaviest solo album to date, In The Raw.

Pennsylvanian emo trio The Standby have a very Funeral For A Friend feel on ‘Drawing Out The Hurt’, combining both an energetic yet melancholic feel in a strangely hypnotising manner.

‘Punk Rock Songs’ is the first single from Patent Pending in 14 years, with the experienced pop-punkers bringing their trademark sound alongside some big stadium choruses in this new effort.

Time to revisit a band that certainly seems to have gotten under the skin of both DJ Monk and myself in their latest effort ‘Dream Cleaver’ from Death Valley Girls. Another blast of gorgeous psychedelic punk rock from these talented LA ladies will mesmerise you like it did me!

Staying on a similar tilt, we have Let Man Loose, with ‘Two Way Glass’, with a slice of fuzzy rock that sounds like it could be penned by Josh Homme and his Queen of the Stone Age bandmates around the time of ‘Songs For The Deaf’.

Back to UR’s former stomping ground of Wales, and Scarlet Rebels, who have recently released their debut album ‘Show Your Colours’, with bluesy rock track ‘Part Of Me’ being a damn good way to give people a taste of what to expect from same. Mixing their blues rock with a hint of 80s rock works well for them, as you can hear in the vid below!

Irish noise rockers BATS have finally created a new album, which will be released in October, with this single, ‘Old Hitler’ being a very good introduction or re-introduction, depending on your previous level of experience with the band. Mixing hard rock with noise elements and bits of melody, it seems like they’re still bang on form despite the seven year gap!

Another week, another new song from Swedish prog legends Opeth! Once more in Swedish, ‘Svekets Prins’ is exactly what you would expect form Opeth – soaring guitars, melodies a plenty and some all around top musicians.

Some skate-punk now, from Aussie outfit The Decline, with their latest offering ‘It Was Always You’. This track brings back memories of the heady days of youth, playing Tony Hawks, where this would have fitted straight on to the soundtrack with no issues at all!

Axe-weilding heavy metal legend Lizzy Borden is our next pick, with a slice of great melodic rock. ‘The Scars Across My Heart’ is a hard rock anthem with plenty of balls, melodies and oomph to it!

MYOK have previously released some rather up-tempo, frenetic songs, but here show they can do something a bit slower with ‘Kiss’. It’s a melodic slice of alt-rock, showing that Myok have more depth than straight out rock like they have previously displayed, with a rather catchy track!

For our final track, we have a live version of Duff McKagan‘s ‘Don’t Look Behind You’, a softer acoustic rock number and the perfect way to end our latest Singles Club feature. This guy needs no big introduction, so we will just let the music do the talking!

That’s it for this edition. Chief pack mule Monk will be back behind the death decks in two weeks’ time, so until then, in the finest ÜR tradition, keep ‘er lit, keep ‘er between the hedges and keep on rockin’ \m/

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