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Is there, or should there ever be, a point in any artist’s career whereby they lose respect for their fans – and, by doing so, display it in an openly disrespectful manner? The obvious answer is NO. But, it could be, quite defiantly, argued that Danish hard rockers Volbeat have reached just that nexus by their behaviour on their just completed UK tour – and especially by their antics in Belfast last night.

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Metalite – ‘Biomechanicals’ (AFM Records)

When a band changes one of its members it is a frightening thing. When it is the lead singer it is terrifying. You never know if they are still the band you loved or something entirely different. Is the something different as good as what you remembered? John B has been a fan of Metalite ever since he first heard ‘Afterlife’. The fusion between techno and metal is something that has always made sense to him. The high energy and high BPM of both make for a natural combination. Being a fan of most techno and EDM as well as metal, he loved Metalite from the first moment he heard them. So, the real question is what does he think of their new singer Erica Ohlsson? Well, you will just have to keep reading because he’s not going to tell you just yet…

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Nine Below Zero – ‘Avalanche’ (Zed Records)

A mere 40 years into their career, Nine Below Zero are still churning out some good old fashioned rhythm ‘n blues to this day, with latest effort ‘Avalanche’. They have amassed a cult following across the duration of their career and this album is a good example of why, with strong male and female vocals backed by more than adequate musicians.

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