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Broken Witt Rebels – ‘OK Hotel’ (Spinefarm)

If you haven’t heard of Broken Witt Rebels yet, where the heck have you been? Formed in 2015 they released their debut album in 2017 and toured pretty much non-stop for what seemed like two years after this. They are a Birmingham-borne band with grand ideas and this latest release looks set to send their success off the charts and multinational, being compared to Rival Sons, The Killers and Kings of Leon. While Maria G doesn’t like to pigeon-hole bands, she finds it’s useful to create a context for anyone who hasn’t heard them and would agree that she can hear all these influences in the incredibly bluesy sound. 

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Haggard Cat – ‘Common Sense Holiday’ (Earache Records)

Jonny B always gest a bit of nervous excitement whenever he picks up an album that is described as being alt-rock as it can cover such a broad range of styles varying from things that really float his boat and others that just… don’t. But he does love a bit of a gamble, so today was one of those days where he decided to take the plunge and picked out the second full-length album from Nottingham rockers Haggard Cat. He’ll admit that the title helped draw him into this one, particularly given the madness he’s had to deal with in the day job this week: it seems that everyone has taken leave of their senses, so ‘Common Sense Holiday’ seems oddly apt!

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Lucid Dream – ‘The Great Dance Of The Spirit’ (Sliptrick Records)

The entire Italian peninsula may currently be on a Government-imposed lockdown due to what we are referring here at ÜRHQ as the “beer bug” (some people obviously aren’t getting enough of it – beer, that is – others clearly have had a bit too much), with transport links to and from the country practically severed. But, at least one channel remains open, and infection free, and that, of course, is the interweb, which is allowing music still to flow in our direction. Of course, like Italian beer, it will inevitably be of varying quality… which brings us neatly to this fourth album from Lucid Dream.

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