By DJ Monk

The ÜR-approved band with one of the coolest names in rock ‘n’ roll, Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics, are going to be importing their particular brand of dirt and sleaze to the shores of the Über Kingdom this May.

They will play the following dates:

  • Friday 8 May – Nottingham, Tap ‘n’ Tumbler
  • Saturday 9 May – Pershore, Iron Road Live
  • Sunday 10 May – Sheffield, Corporation
  • Wednesday 13 May – Edinburgh, Bannerman’s Bar
  • Thursday 14 May – Newcastle Upon Tyne, Trillian’s
  • Friday 15 May – Manchester, Retro Bar
  • Saturday 16 May – London, The Troubadour (supporting The Dirty Strangers)

Frontman Thunderfuck told us: “I have to admit, I can’t wait to get over to the ÜK. A lot of people never thought we would last 15 years, [but] the band is tighter than it has ever been, and we have a lot to prove.”

If you want to know what to expect, check out my review of their current album, ‘Dirty, Sleazy Rock ‘n’ Roll’.