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Insomnium/Omnium Gatherum – Online – 10 April 2020

Jonny B was incredibly excited to see that two titans of the melodic death metal genre had joined forces to put on a live streamed gig last Friday night for the reasonable price of something like nine Euros, or about two pints in our book. So, our boy got himself comfortable, cracked open a beer and sat down for an evening of melodic goodness: but, alas, disaster struck. The chosen technical provider for the stream suffered from capacity issues that ultimately resulted in the bands being forced to make the decision to abandon the attempt at a live performance and instead record their sets and release the recordings, for a limited time, to those who had bought tickets. It wasn’t the end of the world though, instead JB settled down for a second time on Monday evening to catch up on what he, and every other fan, had missed out on Friday. 

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Rabid Flesh Eaters – ‘R.F.E’ (Self-Released)

Devotees of underground metal at its grimiest will want to check this one out. ‘R.F.E,’ the second album from sort-of-veterans Rabid Flesh Eaters features the last recording from Bruce Corbitt, vocalist for cult heroes Rigor Mortis. He appears on ‘The Fall,’ sharing mic duties with the Flesh Eaters’ regular singer Ricky Wilson and puts in a typically violent, snarling performance. The song itself is a relatively straightforward thrasher and while it’s a fun listen, there’s something bittersweet about knowing one the people involved is no longer with us. It’s not the best song he ever did, but there’s something fitting about this light-hearted head banger being the final thing he put his name on…

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Lavender Flu – ‘Barbarian Dust’ (In The Red Recordings)

Sometimes music can be used as a bit of escapism, it can take you to another place or sometimes just take you on a long trip down memory lane. But for those times when Jonny B feels like he wants to escape the planet entirely, there’s always space rock. Obviously Hawkwind are often the band that immediately jumps out when this particular genre is mentioned, but what you may not realise is that space rock is still well and truly alive, with lots of new, younger bands forging a similar path…

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