Author: Team Uber

Volcanova – ‘Radical Waves’ (The Sign Records)

A debut from a stoner three-piece: “is this going to be another band that just want to emulate Motörhead?” was the first question that came to his mind while the big lad by the name of DJ Astrocreep read through the PR blurb. First indications say no – the mentions are of Kyuss, Sabbath, Mastodon and more – so that fear seems to be allayed at least. So how do Icelandic trio Volcanova fare then – are they another band jumping on to the ever-growing stoner scene or worth checking out?

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Girl Friday – ‘Androgynous Mary’ (Hardly Art)

Another day, another debut album for Jonny B, which can always be pretty exciting. Could this be a band that will explode into a meteoric rise or could it simply be a flash in the pan never to be heard from again? The only way to find out is to crack it open and have a listen to see what Girl Friday’s ‘Androgynous Mary’ has to offer…

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Incarnate Deity – ‘Theodicy’ (Christian Metal Underground)

Up for review here is the debut eight track album from Incarnate Deity entitled ‘Theodicy’. A release that introduces a style of music that neither David S nor we at ÜRHQ even knew existed. “Symphonic Blackened Christian Death Metal” is apparently a thing. Who would have thought? It’s not something that we’ve ever encountered before but our man in Belfast would certainly give it a listen…

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