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Static-X/SOiL/Wednesday 13/Dope – Southampton, Engine Rooms – 29 September 2019

There had been a few questions raised online about the morality of Static-X reforming for this tour. Founder Wayne Static was such a fundamental part of the band’s image and song-writing that to many fans, he was Static-X and touring without him is unthinkable. It’d be like Machine Head without Robb Flynn or Soulfly without Max Cavalera. So, for bassist Tony Campos, guitarist Koichi Fukuda and drummer Ken Jay to return with a new mystery frontman wearing a costume designed to resemble their deceased leader does risk allegations of cash grabs and exploitation.

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Buffalo Crows – ‘Picnic At Buffalo Rock’ (Buffalo Rising Music)

‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’ is perhaps one of the most famous Australian movies ever released, helping its director, Peter Weir, to carve a name for himself in the international arena and paving the way for the likes of Russell Mulcahy and the ‘Mad Max’ franchise to do likewise, in turn helping to launch,, albeit indirectly, the careers of Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and others. Now, four and a half decades later, New South Wales rock ‘n’ roll rebels Buffalo Crows have re-visited that historic moment in time with this aural reworking of the sense of darkness and mystery which that landmark piece of cinematography created.

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Conjuring Fate – ‘Curse Of The Fallen’ (Pure Steel)

It is a generally accepted fact that second albums are extremely difficult beasts. A band spends years crafting their sound, honing their material to make the most impressive first impression they possibly can, and then feel pressured into maintaining the momentum by immediately getting back into the studio. Norn Iron metallians Conjuring Fate spent almost a decade building up to the release of their debut album, ‘Valley Of Shadows’, originally self-released in this corner of the Überverse before being picked up for wider distribution by the German Pure Steel organization. Fortunately, the County Antrim quintet have not made the mistake of rushing headlong into producing its successor – after all, it has been almost three years since that debut offering.

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