Author: Team Uber

Paradise in Flames – ‘Devil’s Collection’ (Blood Blast)

Brazilian four-piece Paradise in Flames are back with their third album. ‘Devil’s Collection’ sees a return of the powerful symphonic black metal sound that initially captured the attention of Brazil’s underground scene before being exported further afield. The thunderous release, ‘I’m Sure Your Gods Have Seen This Before’ has once again ignited interest for Paradise in Flames. Do the remaining nine tracks combine to make an album capable of backing up the lead single?

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Mondo Generator – ‘Cocaine Rodeo (20th Anniversary Reissue)’ (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Sometimes an album just doesn’t get the attention it deserves the first time round because it gets overshadowed by something else, whether that’s just the wrong place at the wrong time, or because it never manages to elevate itself from cult following to a wider audience. The latter is probably the case for the debut album from Mondo Generator which was released 20 years ago.

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Dropdead – ‘Dropdead’ (Armageddon Records)

With nearly 30 years of DIY experience under their belts, Dropdead aren’t arsed what you want to define them as. Powerviolence crossovers, thrashcore, grindcore, they’re all just labels that other people apply but this Rhode Island band know exactly who they are and its no more complicated than hardcore punk legends. After all, their first live, in 1991, was alongside none other than the likes of Rorschach and Born Against.

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