VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The Sixth Chamber

Written by DJ Astrocreep
Sunday, 02 December 2018 04:00

This week’s instalment of the ‘Video of the Week’ sees Los Angeles gothic metallians The Sixth Chamber’s new track, ‘Entrance To The Cold Waste’, as our choice, beating off some stiff competition who are going to have to settle for inclusion in today’s edition of the ÜR Singles Club.

Filmed in Death Valley in the USA, the part Lovecraft and part Pasolini sonic and visual dream quest that is ‘Entrance To The Cold Waste’ stars gothic metal bellydance YouTube sensation Mahafsoun. It also stars Stanton Lavey (grandson of Church of Satan founder/Satanic Bible author Anton Lavey, whose character featured prominantly in this season’s ‘American Horror Story’) who aptly plays the role of a crude, heathen elder god.