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Written by Johnny H
Sunday, 30 October 2011 05:00

Long before John McManus was declaring his baby loved to move when the needle was in the grove or Eddie Vedder was venting his spleen over the delights of spinning the black circle, I had amassed a mighty collection of LP records that were not all scratched and were simply my life’s pride and joy.  Vinyl was, and still is in my blood and that’s why when anything on that format arrives at URHQ, Gaz tends to ring fence it for me to get a full on robot chubby over.  So what follows is H Bombz Vinyl Countdown of the last few months’ arrivals and a much needed vinyl injection for those of you with audiophile tendencies.


UK_Subs_PS_Sold_OutFirst out of the review traps then comes the UK Subs and their collector’s white vinyl 7″ version of ‘Product Supply’ released via T&M.  This hand numbered rarity of only 250 copies has been released in support of the Japanese Tsunami appeal the band have been running to help their guitarist Jet’s family overcome the aftermath of those terrible events that happened earlier this year.  Using the power of music to raise over £1,300 this single is by and large already sold out but if you check out Time and Matters website you may still be able to get your hands on a limited number of test pressings that are rumoured to be becoming available very soon.


So why all the fuss?  Well this single contains 3 rare as hell tracks recorded at the tail end of the band’s 2005 US tour, and features the classic trio of Harper/Garret and Gibbs ably assisted by Jason Willer on drums doing exactly what the UK Subs do best – playing old school punk rock ‘n’ roll. Lead track ‘Product Supply’ is a glorious stomper that you will also find as a secret track on the recent Captain Oi ‘Complete Singles Collection’, but if you want to hear ‘Rare Disease’ and my personal fave ‘Embryo’ then you’ll either have to have been lucky enough to have got one of these beauties already or keep watching the internet for any spares that might turn up.


A great musical tribute for a very worthwhile cause.


Non_Stop_A_Go_GoNext up, and keeping the Japanese vibes going strong is a Various Artists release from New York’s Go Ape Records going by the name of  ‘Non Stop a Go Go’.  This 7″ is limited to 500 copies and is a three band showcase bringing together Southern Japan’s finest instrumental garage groups in the shape of The Paralyz, Los Wakamonos and The Routes, and making for an interesting listen.


The Paralyz kicks things off with a shake your tail feather roustabout by the name of ‘Spiral UFO’, which is ‘surf-tastic dudes’.  The Los Wakamonos track ‘Jack Mayer (Arashi No Ban)’ meanwhile is a total headfuck of spazzed out noise that ultimately doesn’t go anywhere, but if you like your rock closely associated with the word ‘art’ (and I’m definitely not alluding to UK prog poppers Magnum here OK) then you will love these structure-less ramblings.


Finishing things off on the single’s flip side is perhaps the EP’s standout track ‘Mantohihi Mama’ from The Routes, this Booker T like shuffle is firmly fixed within the mod culture of the Sixties and boy does it move.


With a distinct lack of vocals on offer it’s always hard to get too over excited with any instrumental release, but this three tracker is a fantastic snapshot of what Japanese underground music is doing right now and as such is a fine vinyl collectors curio.


Seek it out, you will not be disappointed.


The_Last_ResortAnother fine collector’s piece is the third single release from The Old Firm Casuals.  This time around they have gone for a double 7″ split release via Oi The Boat Records with London Oi! stalwarts The Last Resort making the perfect streetpunk bedfellows for Lars Frederiksen’s latest musical adventure.  I’m reliably informed that this set comes in a coloured as well as traditional black vinyl pressing so it’s worth scouting around if you are a real die hard collector of either band as this release really is a belter.


How I’ve managed to miss out on the recording career of The Last Resort until now is frankly beyond me, but that’s the great thing about doing this reviewing lark you get the chance to discover oh so many great bands old and new, and here ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘Soul Boys’ are two truly excellent slabs of old school Oi! Sounding like the soundtrack to an unwritten John King novel it is the latter track that really got my boots a moving and I’m suddenly looking forward to Rebellion 2012.


It would be too easy to simply say that this third release by The Old Firm Casuals is the best thing they’ve ever done because it’s bloody true.  If the single’s A Side ‘Public Enemy’ is the commercial highlight to this point in their relatively short time together as a band then it is the flipside ‘A Gang Like Us’ that has been getting all the attention.  This track is a modern day anthem for the under class, sort of like Rose Tattoo’s ‘Butcher And Fast Eddie’ but with an added terrace chant chorus delivering the killer hook. The Old Firm Casuals are getting better with every release, and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say its about time these fuckers got an album out…lazy bastards…Ha ha!


JJ_and_The_Real_JerksJust when I thought this batch of releases couldn’t get any better along came this next 3 tracker from totally out of left field and knocked me completely off my brothel creepered feet.  What am I talking about?  Well if the handwritten letter that accompanied this 7″ from JJ & The Real Jerks is to be believed I was just about to discover (as you are) Uber Rock’s fave new band from Los Angeles.  And boy do these guys make a good case with their glorious punk rock ‘n’ roll racket!


Pressed on clear vinyl and released via Kung Pao Chicken Pickin’ Records this limited to 300 EP should be possessed by every true Uber Rocker, it bleeds NYC punk rock chic from its grooves and even without seeing the band you just know they will also be clad in leather and black jeans with their effects pedals set to “Space Ace”.  It really is impossible to pick a standout track here, as every track is simply fricking awesome.  The A side features the infectious ‘High Anxiety Society’, a song that when you hear it you will immediately want the band playing near you as soon as possible. This is a riotous celebration of what we all love in a great rock ‘n’ roll band.  Next up you get to hear Short Term Memory Lane’, and great song title aside it is also an indication of just how quickly JJ and his Real Jerks have been winning the scene over as it features both Nick Oliveri and Greg Kuehn’s talents on this honky tonk Stooges romp.  This is simply stunning stuff from start to finish and the temptation to simply have this side on constant repeat is certainly very high.


When you do finally get to the B Side, you’re immediately greeted with JJ screaming “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme My Noise Pollution” as ‘Punch Out At The Record Store’ melts your speaker cones, and who am I to argue with the man?


Look…. If you love bands like The Chelsea Smiles, Bullets and Octane, The Hellacopters and Danko Jones you must click the link I’ve put in above taking you to the band’s blogspot.  DO IT NOW!!!! and JJ & The Real Jerks really will be your favourite new band from Los Angeles, TRUST ME….


God I love this job when the music is this good, and on vinyl it just sounds oh so much more real you know?  So if you want your band to be included in a future Singles Club feature, send your beautiful vinyl to the address on our contact page and let us get our needles in your grooves…