The Return of Uber Rock’s 13 Days Of Halloween! 

Written by Gaz E
Tuesday, 18 October 2011 04:00

Yes, it’s that time of year again…time for the return from the grave of Uber Rock’s 13 Days Of Halloween.


I’ve always been a full-on horror nerd so, seeing as Uber Rock is created in the image of its handsomely horrific founders, I just had to have some kind of Halloween special on the site when October came around. The first Halloween for the site came just two months after it had launched but I managed to get a cool horror-themed interview online, a great splat chat with Ari Lehman who played Jason Voorhees in the first Friday The 13th movie – the Original Jason, if you will. His link to the world of rock and metal being his band, First Jason.


When UR Year 2 came around I knew I had to amp up the devilish dosage so I fashioned a fucked up frenzy of themed interviewing – thirteen, in fact – with one interview being added to the site every day for thirteen days until October 31st came creepy crawling around. The catch? Everyone had to answer the same thirteen horror and Halloween related questions, give them the chance to impress.


I started with Ari Lehman again to, like all the best horror franchises, keep the theme going and continued with a dirty dozen members of horror bands; Rusty Eye, Mommy Sez No, Chesty Malone and the Slice ‘Em Ups, The Other, Spit Like This, The Defiled, Generation Graveyard, Impaler, Lynzee, Sister, DieMonsterDie and, not forgetting, the legendary Eerie Von. The hits rained down like machete blows and all was gruesomely good…..but when it came to thinking about this year’s H13 I felt that I needed to branch out, spread my wings like Q the autouse2011winged serpent.


Yeah, there were a million other monstrous horror bands out there who could have answered the 13 Qs, but there were also so many horror-riddled musicians in more straight ahead bands who I knew would turn in terrorific answers. So, while there are still a legion of dark and moody muthas answering the thirteen questions this year, you’ll also see some people from bands less accustomed to slaughter….but not in the movie sense because these guys and dolls certainly know their horror shit.


So, from tomorrow, you’ll see Halloween interviews with badass musical mofos from  Detroit, from New York, from Italy, from…err…Bakewell. You’ll meet someone who currently slaps four strings behind Joan Jett, and someone who slaps four strings behind Let Loose, Amazonian beauties and monster men, disturbed drummers, gruesome guitarists and sickening singers….


Uber Rock’s 13 Days Of Halloween has risen from the grave to walk the earth once more – who will survive….and what will be left of them……