By DJ Monk

Artwork for Deal With It by RezetRezet play good old-fashioned thrash metal, giving a modern twist on the old-school format of the genre – and there is nothing fucking wrong with that in my book. Sometimes bands try to overthink things, especially as they advance further and further into their careers, losing site of their roots in the process. While this, Rezet’s fourth album, does show a massive degree of maturity in both its approach and delivery, it is very firmly rooted in the thrash tradition of the band’s native Germany, referencing both the country’s pedigree and the way in which the genre has moved forward since the likes of Destruction and Kreator first flew its flag.

All of the traditional elements, particularly of European thrash, are present and correct, from the classical-style instrumental opening track through the winding twin guitar harmonies to Ricky Wagner’s squeal-edged vocals, underpinned by concrete-solid rhythms, which themselves are given the room to breathe and expand by the excellent production.

Lyrically, it could be argued that ‘Deal With It!’ is an album which also serves as a call to arms about dealing with the rise of neo-nationalism in both Germany and the wider European context;  the Megadeth-tinged title track, for example, references the KKK, calling on governments (and people in general) to do just what the song, and the album, declares. ‘No Plan B’ continues the lyrical theme while, despite the initial impression which lyrics such as “this is my reich, this is my hate, this is my way, this is your fate” and “a total race, a total mind, a perfect life, a perfect rule” might give, the Rammstein-baiting thump of ‘Dead or White’ is actually anti-fascist in its lyrical theme, taking the messages of its targets, turning them on their head and confronting them with the idiocy of their rantings: it’s also a damn good mid-paced thrasher, guaranteed to get yer neck snapping – and that’s as important as getting you thinking about what Wagner is actually singing…

Of course, it’s not all political in its approach, and there are some good old-fashioned bruisers thrown into the mix: despite being one of the slower songs here, ‘Thunder Raiders’ bubbles and broils like a witches’ cauldron, fuelled by Bjarne Otto’s thunderous bass line and filled to the brim with steaming intent, while ‘Chaos In My Mind’ chugs and snarls in equal measure, animalistic and ominous, giving the feeling that the iron fist inside its velvet glove is about to deliver a jaw-breaking right hook.

‘Deal With It!’ is a decent thrash album. It certainly doesn’t break any new ground – but bands and albums such as this don’t have to; sometimes, all you want is some good old-fashioned, old-school enjoyment of the kind you enjoyed when you first discovered music… Socio-political messages aside, Rezet don’t go too far wrong in that department.

  • ‘Deal With It!’ is released today (22 February). You can get your copy HERE.

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