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Is there, or should there ever be, a point in any artist’s career whereby they lose respect for their fans – and, by doing so, display it in an openly disrespectful manner? The obvious answer is NO. But, it could be, quite defiantly, argued that Danish hard rockers Volbeat have reached just that nexus by their behaviour on their just completed UK tour – and especially by their antics in Belfast last night.

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Dead-End Drive-In – ‘East End Babylon: The Story Of The Cockney Rejects’ (Cadiz Music)

As part of the Cockney Rejects’ 40th anniversary celebrations, October sees a limited-edition release of fully signed copies of the DVD of ‘East End Babylon’, the acclaimed movie that tells the band’s story, originally released back in 2013. The film was directed by Richard England, who was the executive producer of ‘Oil City Confidential’, the excellent Dr. Feelgood documentary, and edited by Henry Stein, who edited ‘Celebration Day’, the Led Zeppelin concert film.

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Download 2020: The Moaning After The Day Before…

Just 24 hours after it was made, the first announcement re Download’s 2020 bill inevitably has divided both critics and fans alike, with the annual Moanfest already in full swing. Our special festivals correspondent, Rich Hobson, analyzes the announcement and presents his thoughts on the acts already confirmed – as well as the severe absence of unicorns (well, at least so far)!

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Über Rock Introduces… THVS

Despite having been kicking around the Norn Iron scene for a little more than five years now, Belfast-based power trio THVS are about to unveil their debut full-length album. Which seemed like the perfect excuse to catch up with band founder and hard-working frontman Michael Smyth to find out more about the threesome (sic) and the music that they describe as “heavy pop” …

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