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The Über Rock Singles Club – Awesome April (Part One)

With this weekend having hosted Record Store Day, the annual celebration of all that is good and great about rock ‘n’ roll, and the vinyl format in particular, as well as the independent scene, your favourite kick-ass website has been trawling through it’s mountain of mail to bring you another selection of what we see as the best short-form offerings to have come our way over the past week or two… so, without further ado, let’s dive straight into our bulging mail sack, shall we?

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Maverick Festival 2019 Press Launch – London, Gibson Guitar Showrooms – 27 March 2019

One of the more interesting boutique festivals on the summer circuit is the Maverick Festival, dedicated to all things Americana, and set amongst the restored Victorian barns and out-buildings of Easton Farm Park in the Suffolk countryside. Established in 2008, the Maverick Festival is low the leading Americana event in the UK and has become a beacon for roots music from both sides of the Atlantic, whether it be country, bluegrass, Cajun and beyond.

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The Über Rock Singles Club – More March Madness

Well, we warned you that we were going to skip a week, as DQ and Monk were taking a well-deserved holiday, but now we’re back and kickin’ ass once again, and to thank you all for your continued support we have a truly epic edition of the Singles Club, with no fewer than 17 fine slices of rock ‘n’ roll pizza for your aural and visual delectation… so, let’s dive straight into the sonic action, shall we?

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This week’s choice comes courtesy of Myrath, who hail from Tunisia, describe their sound as “blazing desert metal” and have put together a 4k quality video to showcase ‘No Holding Back’, the second single to be lifted from their forthcoming new album, ‘Shehili’, which is due to be released via earMUSIC on 3 May.

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Something Is Rotten In The State Of Pledge

PledgeMusic has been one of the most popular crowd-funding platforms for musicians for almost a decade: indeed, it is the model on which most similar funding mechanisms are built. It has allowed thousands of fans to support thousands of their favourite bands by doing exactly what the name suggests – pledging money directly to the funding of the music they love. Over the years, it is reckoned that the platform has generated more than £100 million in income for some 50,000 plus projects.

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It has to be admitted, we are huge – no, make that HUGE – fans of Hands Off Gretel here at ÜRHQ. So, when we heard they were dropping a new single, complete with an accompanying visual treatment, then it was virtually a no brainer that it was going straight to the top of our list of contenders for our latest ‘Video Of The Week’. And, to be honest, in terms of pure, in your face straight ahead r’n’f’n’r, they led the field by a country mile.

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