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Rantanplan – ‘Rudeboys Von Der Reeperbahn’ (Drakkar Entertainment)

Hot on the heels of their tenth studio album, ‘Stay Rudel – Stay Rebel’, Rantanplan have released six track EP ‘Rudeboys Von Der Reeperbahn.’ Previously only available to fans and collectors as a bonus bundle to the current album, the band have now decided to release it in limited numbers. Since their inception, Rantanplan have been producing ska fuelled rock ‘n’ roll combining up beat 2/4-time, intelligent lyrics and a lively brass section. What can be expected from this additional offering to their highest charting album to date?

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Culloden – ‘Witchpricker’ EP (Heathen Tribes)

“We are Culloden and we play heavy metal.” Well, you can’t get much of a more succinct introduction that that, can you? Short and to the point.  Just the way we like. The band go on to inform us that they are from the hotbed of the Eighties’ NWOBHM movement, the north-east (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to be precise) and are “heavily inspired and influenced by some of the legendary acts from our home region that have graced [us] with their heavy metal majesty, citing especially the likes of Venom, Satan, Mythra, Raven, Tysondog, Atomkraft, Avenger, Spartan Warrior and Battleaxe. Culloden trace their roots back to 2010, but admit they didn’t take things too seriously at first, not really coalescing as a musical entity until two years; and, now, they are introducing themselves to the wider world with this, their debut EP…

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