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Satan Takes a Holiday – ‘A New Sensation’ (Despotz)

Even the Dark Lord needs some time off, but have you ever wondered what that might sound like? Well, we’re able to find out with ‘A New Sensation’, the latest album from Swedish groove rockers, Satan Takes A Holiday. ‘A New Sensation’ is the follow up to 2017’s ‘Aliens’ and is the fifth album for the three-piece, involving collaborations with the likes of Royal Blood among others. 

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Bowling For Soup/Lacey – Belfast, The Telegraph – 24 April 2019

Three years after their last visit to the island of Ireland, and some five since they last ventured north of the soon-to-be Brexit-enforced border, those madcap Texans Bowling For Soup – often branded as “comedy rock” by other media outlets less well-informed than ourselves – returned to Belfast and Dublin this past week, by way of penance for not being able to make it as far as this particular corner of the Überverse on their last couple of trips across the Atlantic. Such was the anticipation around their return that the original venue sold out in seconds flat, forcing an immediate upgrade to this former printworks-come-pop-up venue.

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Mike Tramp/Tom Harte – Ahoghill, Diamond Rock Club – 20 April 2019

Former White Lion/Freak Of Nature frontman Mike Tramp has been a regular visitor to this particular corner of the Überverse for nigh on half a dozen or more years, ensuring that his annual tours always find their way to the dark hills of County Antrim.  However, he had somehow managed to miss us out last time around, but was promising to more than make up for that lapse in planning by presenting us with an epic set of songs, liberally sprinkled with stories from his four-plus decades in this hoary old music business.

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