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Black Therapy – ‘Echoes of Dying Memories’ (Black Lion Records)

As the continent which birthed melodic death metal, it’s not entirely surprising that Europe has spawned a mass majority of the bands within the genre. But, some 20-odd years on from its initial inception many of melodeath’s godfather bands have either shifted their songwriting to closer resemble the boom of metalcore or shifted enough that the melodic sides now far outweigh the death in the equation. Enter Italy’s Black Therapy – a band whose sound stands proudly within the traditions of grandiose melodic death metal records of old without dispensing any of the genre’s hallmarks.

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Captain Obvious – ‘Let It Burn’ EP (One Hot Minute/Wagram)

Monk admits that when he saw the name Captain Obvious pop up on my emails, he seriously thought some PR guru in a padded cell somewhere had to be taking the proverbial brand of underwear, as images of a certain very annoying character from a series of television advertisements immediately came to mind. Fortunately for me, and the wider Überverse, said bearded gentleman has not been given a recording deal; rather, this particular incarnation of Captain Obvious are two young brothers (they’re 19 and 21) called Angus and Joseph who hail from Paris and drop this, their debut five-track EP, this weekend.

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