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There are few bands for whom the release of a new video is an event in itself. One of those undoubtedly is Slipknot. And they’ve stunned the world yet again with the audio-visual feast that is ‘Unsainted’, the first single to be lifted from their forthcoming sixth album, ‘We Are Not Your Kind’, which is due for release on 9 August via Roadrunner Records.

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Calyx – ‘Vientos Arcaicos’ (Iron Bonehead)

When you think of Spain, you think of sunshine, sangria, Brits on tour and matadors…and when you think of black metal you think of grim and frostbitten wastelands. But what if we were to tell you that Spain has become a real hotbed (no pun intended) for black metal? With more than 600 metal bands hailing from the Brits’ favourite holiday destination (according to Encyclopedia Metallium anyway), there’s clearly something dark and mysterious in that sangria! This brings us nicely onto Calyx, who just so happen to be a black metal band from Spain (see how Jonny B linked that together there?) with their debut full length album ‘Vientos Arcaicos’, or ‘Archaic Winds’ to those who don’t speak Spanish.

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Stray Cats – ‘40’ (Mascot)

With a band with as illustrious a career as the Stray Cats, it’s hard to say something that hasn’t been said before. They have their rockabilly sound that has been honed over their now 40-year career – hence the name of this new album – with this latest effort being a real slice off the old block. While some people may think that this sound has had its day, the Cats still have plenty of lives left with what is easily a release that sits comfortably alongside their previous albums and music.

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