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Calling Apollo/Raiders/Scavengers/Tacet – Cardiff, Tiny Rebel – 9 August 2019

Tiny Rebel is a local microbrewery that is picking up a solid reputation for not only their craft beer but addition to the music scene in the now infamous locality of Womanby Street, Cardiff.  Whilst not the biggest venue in the music arena (none of the Womanby Street venues are big), the reputation for supporting the local music scene is growing with every gig.

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Swamp Coffin – ‘Flatcap Bastard Features’ (Self-Released)

Three-piece sludgy drone act Swamp Coffin hail from Rotherham, something which our resident DJ reckons may, in fact, inspire the sense of hopelessness and forboding that emanates out of this recording.   A four-track EP that times out at not far shy of 35 minutes is a strong opening showing, if a band can get it right. Swamp Coffin have, most definitely, achieved exactly that.

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Slade – ‘Feel the Noize: The Singlez Box’ (BMG)

How good were Slade? For Jim Rowland, they were one of the true greats of British rock of the Seventies and early 80’s. They were also hugely influential, whether it be the American big hair stadium bands (just ask KISS and Motley Crüe), the original wave of Britsh punk, the NWOBHM, right through to the recent wave of ‘bovver rock’ bands, spearheaded by the wonderful Giuda. Like contemporaries Sweet, they’re probably still best remembered as a singles band, but also like Sweet, they did produce a string of excellent hard rock albums too.

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