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JB Takes A Holiday: The Sabaton Tenth Anniversary Cruise – 1/3 December 2019

Some people like to chase the sun while on holiday by going on exotic cruises round the Caribbean, but not our Jonny B. Instead, thanks to some amazing friends, he was lucky enough to bag a ticket to the special tenth anniversary edition of the Sabaton Cruise! Having been on the Sabaton Cruise back in 2017, he had a rough idea of what to expect, but this year’s promised to be something even bigger and more spectacular to celebrate this big milestone. The only information he had in advance of the event was that this year’s cruise would be twice the length of previous years (which were only an overnight affair) and that it would also include an opportunity to spend the day in Tallinn, Estonia, which had been on his bucket list for years!

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Municipal Waste/Toxic Holocaust/Enforcer/Skeletal Remains – Belfast, Limelight 2 – 5 December 2019

Monk must admit that he had to look twice, maybe four times, when he first saw the poster for this gig pop up on his Facebook timeline. “Seriously?” was the first word out of his mouth, quickly followed by “you gotta be pulling my leg”! Four quality bands all sharing a bill that each one of them could deservedly headline in their own right – and smack bang in the middle of a thrashtastic week of gigs here in ÜR’s home city, what with the resurgent Sacred Reich decimating the same venue just a few evenings previously and the legends in their own lunchtimes that are Acid Reign due in town a couple of days later. One thing was certain: there were gonna be a lot of sore heads and necks, and possibly a few hospital appointments, needed by the time these few days had run their course…

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Nefarious Dusk – ‘The Wanderer Of The Cold North’ (Purity Through Fire)

John Bedard could not helf but get the feeling that there is an overall story to this new album from Cumbrian black metallers Nefarious Dawn, but he just can’t tell what it is other than the icy winds of the cold tundra that you feel from track one and that is given away by the title of the album. Other than that, though, he’s not totally sure where they wanted him to go… but he went along for the ride anyway…

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