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Conjuring Fate – ‘Curse Of The Fallen’ (Pure Steel)

It is a generally accepted fact that second albums are extremely difficult beasts. A band spends years crafting their sound, honing their material to make the most impressive first impression they possibly can, and then feel pressured into maintaining the momentum by immediately getting back into the studio. Norn Iron metallians Conjuring Fate spent almost a decade building up to the release of their debut album, ‘Valley Of Shadows’, originally self-released in this corner of the Überverse before being picked up for wider distribution by the German Pure Steel organization. Fortunately, the County Antrim quintet have not made the mistake of rushing headlong into producing its successor – after all, it has been almost three years since that debut offering.

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The Wildhearts – ‘Diagnosis’ (Graphite Records)

Well, damn the gods of rock ‘n’f’n’ roll… Not only did The Wildhearts go and release their first album in ten years – and one which lived up to its title, ‘Renaissance Men’, by showcasing a band very much in the resurgence with an opus that many regarded as their strongest since their iconic ‘Earth vs…’ – but now they’ve only gone and headed straight back into the studio to record another clutch of quality toons.

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John Harv’s Twisted Mind – ‘Into The Asylum’ (Metalopolis)

John ‘Harv’ Harbinson is possibly one of the most distinctive, and arguably divisive, figures on the Northern Ireland metal scene, having been at its very heart (and also, on occasion, skirting around its periphery) for around the same length of time as UR boss Monk (and that’s a lot of fucking years). A man known for a personality as big as his voice, for the past decade he has been best known as the frontman of power metal purveyors Stormzone, with whom he has helmed six studio albums. Now, some four decades into a career that has probably earned him as many haters as fans, he stands poised to release his first ever solo album.

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