Author: UberAdmin

The Flower Kings/iamthemorning/Rickard Sjöblom – London, Scala – 8 December 2019

Only one gig in the UK by Roine Stolt and his Flower Kings, and, of course, it’s a London date? Ah well, it’s another long bus ride down to the nation’s capital, then, for our travelling gigaholic. With the previously announced support Kayak having to pull out due to medical reasons, Rickard Sjöblom and iamthemorning stepped into some pretty big shoes to fill the support slots…

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The Sweet/Novatines – Barrow-in-Furness The Forum – 7 December 2019

In an unusual turn of events, Jonny B did not have to travel across the country to get to tonight’s gig. Instead he merely had to walk down the road from his house because, in what is possibly an UR first, I’m here for a gig in Barrow-in-Furness. This small forgotten area of the country is mostly known for its shipbuilding heritage, but as the second biggest town in Cumbria you may be surprised at the calibre of bands that pass through. Tonight is certainly a high calibre event, with legendary glam rock band The Sweet hitting the town for the first time since 1973 to bring us a night of glam goodness. Considering this is right on his doorstep, there was no way that he could miss this one, so he got himself down to The Forum to see what’s in store.

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The Über Rock Singles Club – December’s Dunkers

As the year races to its inevitable conclusion, the number of single releases coming our way has slowed down a touch – but that doesn’t mean there has been any decline in the quality of material being released. Far from it, in fact because, as the year progresses, it has become harder and harder to whittle down the numbers from several hundred submissions each fortnight to the dozen or so final choices that we present to you…

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