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DunkelNacht – ‘Empires of Mediocracy’ (Non Serviam Records)

Sat somewhere between the boundaries of black metal and classic death metal, DunkelNacht are testament to the ever-shrinking borders between extreme metal subgenres on their third record ‘Empires of Mediocracy’. Not since the ‘80s has the spectrum of extreme been such a fluid beast, bands finally realising that existing purely in one subgenre invites a sense of laziness which ultimately grinds all but the very best into formless gruel. Such formlessness doesn’t befit a band like DunkelNacht, the band instead cherry-picking the very best elements of both black and death metal to create something which can gladly cater to both camps.

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Decapitated/Dyscarnate/Baest/Bloodshot Dawn – Belfast, Voodoo – 14 February 2019

It’s just as well we don’t really celebrate Hallmark Day here at ÜRHQ – well, not in the sense of going out for an over-priced dinner that would cost you half the amount any other night of the week, only to have waiters hovering over the table forcing your to virtually gulp your grub down yer gob at heartburn-inducing speed ‘cos there’s a queue a mile long waiting for a table you can usually spend all night hogging… sure, wouldn’t we be much better served crammed into on of our favourite clubs along with an assorted bunch of fellow metallians for an evening of ear-shattering DM?

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The Royal – ‘Deathwatch’ (Longbranch/SPV)

Dutch quintet The Royal formed back in 2012 producing metal music that Jolee Flatman declares is “certainly relentless”. Previous releases include an EP, two albums and a single. Upcoming album ‘Deathwatch’ is for sure an interesting one, consisting of ten songs altogether: parts of it our NKOTB really digs, others however aren’t for her. For fans of Upon A Burning Body, Shields and Currents.

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