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Rezet – ‘Deal With It!’ (Metalville)

Rezet play good old-fashioned thrash metal, giving a modern twist on the old-school format of the genre – and there is nothing fucking wrong with that in our book. Sometimes bands try to overthink things, especially as they advance further and further into their careers, losing site of their roots in the process. While this, Rezet’s fourth album, does show a massive degree of maturity in both its approach and delivery, it is very firmly rooted in the thrash tradition of the band’s native Germany, referencing both the country’s pedigree and the way in which the genre has moved forward since the likes of Destruction and Kreator first flew its flag.

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Herod – ‘Sombre Dessein’ (Pelagic Records)

With associations to The Ocean, Cult of Luna and Carcass, you almost don’t have to hear a note of Herod’s music to know that this is a band whose sound is so abrasive it could jet-wash the flesh off a listener at 30 paces. ‘Sombre Dessein’ is a record which definitely doesn’t disappoint in that regard then, taking the most abrasive route to post-metal and noise it can and grinding itself down to the bone across 42 minutes of excruciating brilliance.

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Meridian – ‘Margin of Error’ (Mighty Music)

Danish melodic metal five-piece, Meridian have returned with their third album. ‘Margin of Error’ sees the band offer up 11 tracks to build upon their reputation following 2016 release ‘Breaking the Surface’. Featuring a now cemented line up with the addition of guitarist Marco Angioni, Meridian are looking to put forward a unified sound for their metal style. Having started work on the album in 2017, the initial result was a four track EP ‘The Fate of Atlantis’ released in early 2018 the tracks of which are included on this album. The remainder of the year saw the creation of the following seven tracks to round out the record. With ‘Margin of Error’ now complete, what have Meridian brought to the table?

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